Hany, 27, general manager at Cairo Dental in Queens: “To be honest, I was for Trump. I’m excited about him. I love his passion to change the country because it needs a lot of changing. If I were him, I would let in visitors but put a tracking device on them … because so many immigrants overstay and don’t pay tax. Believe in the magic ! That's what we need as Americans Enough worrying abou other's I haven't been more appreciative and excited to be American as I am today We had an industrial revolution that was gradually dismantled and now we have the potential and opportunity to begin a new one This one will be a technologically advanced one that will take us and other nations willing to cooperate to the top of the charts But I definitely must say that the initial step has to come from us Us Americans in all shapes and sizes and all colors and religious beliefs Must unite This is the real American dream that my parents had came here for They saw it And unfortunately it had been taken away But their children have spoken and have said well wait a minute why was it so good for my parents and not for me So we studied the outcome but the reality wasn't immigration Because we have a solid equation that if you pay taxes you get something in return All of a sudden their was very little or no return And immigration is and was definitely not the cause of a plummeting American economy It was dirty politics and mainly international politics that put this nation in a financial strain and later caused crime in all forms Because poverty is what really brings out crime Not religion or skin color And it's people like Obama and Hillary and GW Bush that have led us into poverty so they can fulfill their personal desires We are done with the nightmare of bring a new world order Because technology has really helped us see the true disadvantages of it Hillary would have definitely led a WW3 We are perfect we are beautiful we are inter-faith, we are inter-racial, we are educated, we are blessed, we are the people of the United States of America Thank you Mark And God bless AMERICA”