Sadaf, 17, pre-med student at Hunter College student, Author and Co-founder/CEO of Media company REV 21: "You have to have a seat at the table to make a real difference in society. We cannot expect change unless we are directly involved in making it happen. Unfortunately, regardless of America's promise of equality, several groups of people feel cheated for their chance of achieving the American dream--of their chance to simply survive in America. With these thoughts and realizations in my mind, I decided to create my own chair and place myself at the table through my media company, REV 21 Media. Because when you are deprived of a chance to share your voice, you have to yell louder. And not just yell louder for yourself but for the several others who feel the same sentiments as you do. I pray that one day, I achieve my goals, and the platform I am creating with REV 21 rings true to its words and becomes a place for change and a means for creating an 'America 2.0' with the values of what America was always intended to be."