Foot Book

My Grandpa was an avid amateur photographer and after he retired in the 1980’s, he gave me my first Konica point-and-shoot camera. I don’t know when exactly, but I started a ritual with Grandpa of photographing our feet everywhere we went, as if to say, “We were here!" It struck a cord and continued for years, long before I was making my living as a photographer.

Our feet obviously connect us to the earth; they are our chief source of grounding. In thinking about an actual project that was larger and more complex than just photos of my feet, I began to shape it by looking beyond the graphic elements of light, color & composition and focus intently on the unseen narrative. “What is the story?” is always my boomerang question- finding and riding the line between personal & universal themes.

Paul Sills, the legendary improvasational theater director and founder of The Second City, used to say, when actors were stuck in a improvised scene, “Get out of your head and feel your Feet!”

La Paz, Mexico

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Charlettesville, VA

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Portland, OR

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