Hagar, 22, Health & Science major at New Jersey City University: “My friends and I take aerial classes in Brooklyn when we want to get away from our routine. For a lot of people, they find it kind of odd when they see us doing it. We’re just showing that we do what everyone else does. Except in this case, we would wear our hijab in the turban style so it doesn’t fall off during class. But the staring still gets me annoyed. Because it’s awkward and weird. … So I also go swimming in the gym, and it’s male and female. I don’t mind. I have my running pants and swimming shorts on, and my surfing body glove. And I wear a turban or the swimming cap. And this lady was just staring from the time I walked in. And i knew it’s because of what I had on. But I was swimming! I didn’t really care much. But it was annoying. Every time I’d get up, I would notice her.”